43 Most Beautiful DIY Glitter Countertop Ideas

Glitter bars and counters are really the best way to go for high quality beautiful results. It gives you that glassy smooth look and is incredibly durable. We recommend the glitter as it is commercial grade. There are plenty of other brands out there that cost less, but sometimes those cheaper brands don’t give you that perfectly smooth surface (especially if you go with chunky glitter flakes). Continue Reading

47 Incredible DIY Living Room Decoration on A Budget

The living room is the nerve centre of your house since this is where people converge including you friends. This is therefore the room in the house that will leave a lasting impression among the visitors to your house. It is therefore imperative that you ensure that you enhance the outlook of your living room. This article shall show you some living room decorating ideas and how you can do some things by yourself. These techniques will add your personal touch to your own living room and you are sure that your living room will be unique. Continue Reading