38 Way to Living Rooms Design With Wood Walls

Walls can be treated in so many different ways. Some leave the concrete unfinished for an industrial look while others add some wall stickers or wall murals to seemingly create a different world while in their own homes. Walls of wood are one of the ways of resolving the problem with focal walls.

Flawless modern design using walls of wood can accentuate the warm atmosphere of a house, be it minimalist, traditional or eclectic. Wooden walls can lead to debates about deforestation and reforestation.

Wood is one of the best materials to use for home decor because it’s timeless, cozy, chic and adds interest to any space. We continue having a look at the best spaces with wooden walls, and this roundup is dedicated to living rooms.

As for living rooms, a wood wall is that one that catches your eye when you come in, or it may be a fireplace wall. The wood and its look is up to you: whitewashed wood can be a fit for a Scandinavian or airy shabby chic space. A dark wood wall can be used in a moody space or make a bold statement in a neutral or colored modern space.

The wood can be sleek or reclaimed and weathered to add a cozy textural feel to the space. Also, consider basic color theory and the structures of the area. This can help you bring the area alive. Start your minuscule makeover by using our feeling boards to find home decor creativity for your room.

Whitewashed and grey wood walls are amazing for various types of interiors: Scandinavian, shabby chic, modern and many other ones. To make your light-colored wood wall more eye-catchy, you can go for weathered wood, which shows off amazing texture. One more interesting idea is rocking a photo artwork right on the wood.

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