40 Lovely Divider Ideas to Order Your Studio Apartment

Recently, studio apartment has been reaching its fame significantly. It can be seen from the increasing demand of studio apartment in many big cities all over the world. Are you also interested in living-studio style? Particularly, this living space becomes a foremost choice among young professionals including entrepreneurs and artists. However, it is also perfect for those who are seeking simplicity, high-quality of life, and affordability.

From Domino, has created a separation between working space and ceiling space with a ceiling-mounted curtain. Mounting a curtain in a track is an especially good idea because it means the curtain can be easily drawn back to join the two spaces when you feel like it. This curtain is made of corduroy and lined with blackout fabric, so it’s almost as good as a wall.

Either by choice or by the vagaries of fate, you have found yourself living in a studio apartment. That’s it. Just one room. And maybe you’re cool with that, but you don’t feel like looking at your bed all day long. Or you need a little privacy for when houseguests stay, or you just want to create a little separation between the parts of your apartment devoted to sleeping and waking. Apartment Therapy has a few ideas.

A room divider can create privacy in a small space, or define new areas in a large, open space. The beauty of the room divider, as opposed to a wall, is its impermanence. Installing room dividers maintains the flexibility to change a space’s utility with relati

The last one is important. Typically studio apartments are less expensive than one-bedroom apartment. This lower price tag has attracted many dwellers to consider studio apartment as a cheap yet comfy place to live. It is no wonder that the popularity of this smart way of living will never stop growing.