54 Clever and Eye-catching Wall Decorating Ideas with Hexagon Shelves

Hi my lovely readers! Nowadays, there are many latest trends in the interior style that look amazing. For example, geometric interior style took a vast pace and everybody is trying to implement some of its ideas. Above all, the thing that drew my attention regarding this style is the geometric shelves that look adorable. Out of these awesome looks, I want to present you the hexagon shelf ideas.

As their unique shape makes our homes more lively and adorable, see how you may incorporate them in your home through the following collection of the most amazing hexagon Shelf. Add some mid-century charm to your gallery wall with this DIY wall art idea. All you need is popsicle sticks, glue and some stain to make this inexpensive home decor knockout.

After you make this shelf, check out Part to make an expanded set of DIY honeycomb shelves that would make Don Draper drool. That’s what happened with this DIY wall art idea. It came to me one night when I was pacing back and forth in our bedroom in the dark. (Comforting baby Quinn, of course. I don’t do that otherwise. At least not often.)

I was thinking about additional three dimensional art pieces I could DIY for our bedroom gallery wall.Hexagonal adalah hiasan dinding yang cocok dan inovatif yang dapat anda gunakan untuk menghias rumah anda. Tambahkan sesuai minat dan kreatifitas anda. Dengan bentuk yang mempesona untuk mempercantik ruangan.

I wanted something that would add texture, warmth and angles, but unfortunately, most DIY geometric display shelf tutorials I’ve seen are waaay complicated. I absolutely love DIY projects that transform utilitarian everyday objects into unexpected works of art. Not only do these become fantastic conversation pieces in your home, they also allow you to create super budget-friendly art that doesn’t feel too “crafty.” Don’t get me wrong, I love crafts. That’s why I made a whole website about them.

But I especially adore DIY that achieves a high-end look for a fraction of the price, like this Coffee Stirrer Wall Art. Store away clutter and create beautiful displays with these great ideas for floating shelves. A floating picture shelf is shallow so it works brilliantly placed above a sofa to display art or photographs. Group and overlap different sized frames for a relaxed vibe. Here, a neutral backdrop, chunky wooden furniture and ikat prints create a tribal feel.

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